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  • Water, sewer, and trash service are included and provided by the Owner.

  • At least one adult household member must be able to obtain electric service with Duke Energy.

  • The resident is responsible for contacting Duke Energy prior to the move in date to establish an account and have the service for the leased unit put into their name effective the same day as the lease start date.

  • The resident must request confirmation from Duke Energy confirming the service has been transferred.  The confirmation must include the resident's first and last name, service address, account number and the service start date.

  • This confirmation must be submitted by Duke Energy directly to the Owner.  The confirmation should be sent to the attention of Michell Park Management and faxed to 919-269-2196 OR via email.

  • Confirmation letters must be submitted by one of the manners listed in e. of this section.  Letters will not be accepted from the resident in person.

  • Electric service must be maintained at all times.   Failure to maintain service is considered a lease violation and must be cured within 24 hours.

  • Failure to restore electric service as required may result in termination of the lease.