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Unit Transfer Policy

  • The Owner will maintain a centralized transfer list to ensure all transfers are processed in the correct order and that procedures are uniform.

  • Unit transfers may occur for a variety of reasons and the cost of the transfer may be assessed to the resident, unless the reason for the transfer is one of the following:
    • Emergency transfers (hazardous conditions, domestic violence) will not automatically go on the transfer list.  Instead, emergency transfers will be handled immediately, on a case-by-case basis.  If the emergency cannot be resolved by temporary accommodation, and the resident requires a permanent transfer, the family will be placed at the top of the transfer list.
      • If the transfer is necessary because of maintenance conditions, and an appropriate unit is not immediately available, the Owner will provide temporary accommodations to the resident by arranging for temporary lodging at a hotel or similar location.
      • If the conditions that required the transfer cannot be repaired, or the condition cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time, the Owner will transfer the resident to the first available and appropriate unit after the temporary relocation.
      • Emergency transfers that arise due to maintenance conditions are mandatory for the resident.
    • High-priority transfers (verified medical condition, threat of harm or criminal activity and reasonable accommodation).
    • Transfers to make accessible units available
    • The resident needs an accessible unit
    • As a reasonable accommodation to a disability

  • The Owner will bear the costs of transfers made for the reasons listed in 12.a. above.
    • The Owner will bear the reasonable costs of temporarily accommodating the resident and of long-term transfers, if any, due to the emergency conditions.
    • The Owner will make arrangements and pay for the move directly with the moving vendor.

  • When the Owner receives a resident request for a unit transfer, the household will be informed in writing that they have been added to the transfer list.  Existing residents approved for a unit transfer are given priority over applicants when an appropriate unit becomes available.

  • The resident will bear all costs of resident-requested transfers.