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Project Preferences

  1. The property contains 10 apartments which are specifically designed to accommodate persons with mobility impairments; 4 of these units have additional features for the hearing and/or visually impaired. 

  2. Preference for occupancy of these units will be given to disabled individuals or families who require the accessibility features provided in each unit.  Disabled applicants or non-disabled applicants who do not require the accessibility features provided will not be offered these units until all eligible disabled applicants or current residents have been considered.  Existing residents approved for transfer to an accessible unit will be given preference before applicants.

  3. Accessible units may be offered to and accepted by applicants who do not require the accessibility features of a unit only with the understanding that such applicants must agree to transfer to another unit if a person with a disability requiring the specific accessibility features of the occupied unit applies for housing and is determined eligible.

  4. Mitchell Park Apartments participates in a program that requires 2 units to be set aside for continuous occupancy by applicants with disabilities.  Those applicants will be offered units ahead of anyone else on the waiting list until the required number of set aside units is reached.