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Dawn Fagan, Executive Director
Ext. 211

Phillip Banks, HCV Coordinator
Ext. 229

Liz Camacho, Administrative Assistant to Executive Director
Ext. 230

Lisa Chester, PH Coordinator
Ext. 212

Lynnette Cuffee, Project Manager
Ext. 216

Therese Dimoff, Finance Coordinator
Ext. 228

Nicole Edwards, HCV Specialist
Ext. 219

Marilyn Ellis, AMP Property Manager
Ext. 238

Letitia Hicks, AR Specialist
Ext. 218

Tamario Howze, FSS Coordinator
Ext. 236

Chandra Hyacinth, Director of Housing
Ext. 233

Alicia Jackson, Intake/Occupancy Specialist
Ext. 210

Latarsha Phillips, AMP Property Manager
Ext. 238

Mickey Shearer, HCV Inspector
Ext. 222

Brenda Terry, HCV Inspector
Ext. 215

Emily Young, HR/Procurement Coordinator
Ext. 213

Kila Dickerson, Maintenance Administrator
Ext. 214