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Port INTO Wake County
Wake County Housing Authority is currently BILLING for all portability clients.

Step 1: Start the Process.
Request with your current housing authority to port here. If they approve your port, they will need to send your paperwork. It may take 10 business days or more (depending on your housing authority) to receive it. 

Step 2: Contact WCHA.
It is your responsibility to contact the Portability Coordinator to confirm your paperwork was received. 

Step 3: WCHA Review.
Once you've confirmed that your paperwork was received, the Coordinator will need to review it, and contact you within 3-5 business days to confirm your information. Additional documentation may be required.

Step 4: Briefing.
Once your paperwork is determined to be complete, you will be invited for a briefing, where you will receive your moving papers. The average time to schedule a briefing is 10-14 business days from the date the Coordinator has received all required documentation. Briefings are group sessions by appointment only. 

Step 5 Find Housing.
You search for a unit and give the landlord the moving packet to complete. Either the landlord or the client can submit the packet to our office. 

Step 6: Inspection & Final Contract Process.
Once the moving packet is submitted, it is another 7-10 business days until it is processed and moved to inspection. If the unit passes inspection, the Contracts & Leasing Dept. will finalize your portion of the rent and send the contract to the landlord.

Port OUT of Wake County
Step 1: Start the Port Out Process.
Put your request in writing (mail, email, fax) to your Specialist. You must provide a copy of the Notice to Move form/letter you submitted to your landlord. 

Step 2: Port Out Approval.
If your move is approved, your Specialist will have a voucher for you to sign. The Specialist will forward the paperwork to the Portability Coordinator, (this may take 5-10 business days). The Portability Coordinator will send your paperwork to the new housing authority (this may take an additional 5-10 business days).

Step 3: The New Housing Agency.
Your new Housing Agency will provide you with all necessary forms to finalize the transfer. Contact the new agency for questions related to their policies & inquiries related to the moving process.