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BEYOND SCHOLARSHIP 2022 for Affordable Housing Residents

Creative Thinkers, Change-Makers, Innovators...

Application Deadline May 30th Annually.
Current & Past Scholarship Recipients

As a national, award-winning leader in design, branding, marketing, website and app development for the affordable housing industry, Brooks Jeffrey has built a legacy of innovation by recognizing and developing outstanding talent. Brooks Jeffrey value education and its transformative power. They encourage others to push BEYOND what's expected to change lives, communities, and ideals.

Brooks Jeffrey's BEYOND Scholarship reflects their commitment to the next generation of leaders.

The BEYOND Scholarship is available to current High School Seniors who plan to enroll in a post-secondary institution in the fall (2-year or 4-year institution).

Applicants must be residents of a Housing Authority who is a member of CCHRCO or TAHRA. An eligible recipient must be an immediate member of a family who has resided in affordable housing for a minimum of one, uninterrupted year. The recipient must have occupied the home during this period and currently be listed on a documented lease agreement as an immediate family member.

Each $500, one-time scholarship is based on need, academic merit, community involvement, career goals, and a brief essay. A 3.0 GPA or higher is recommended for all applicants. ACT or SAT composite score must be submitted with the application.

THE PROCESS - Application Deadline May 30th

Please review the application form carefully and prepare your answers BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR ONLINE SUBMISSION.

Please have all materials ready in digital format (PDF, jpg, or docx) BEFORE STARTING THE ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS.

Data will not be saved if you exit the application before completion or if your browsing session is interrupted.

STEP 1 Complete the online application - including essay.

STEP 2 Upload a digital copy of your official transcript (through 1st semester senior year / 7th semester).

STEP 3 Upload a digital copy of your ACT or SAT composite score report.

STEP 4 Upload a digital letter of recommendation (employer, teacher, coach, youth director, etc.)

STEP 5 Upload a recent digital portrait photo suitable for publication.

STEP 6 Submit your online application.

If you are unable to access the internet to complete the online application process, a printed version of the application is available by contacting Brooks Jeffrey toll-free at 800.506.8064. The application and all required supporting materials may be mailed to Brooks Jeffrey and marked BEYOND Scholarship.


While grades and test scores are outstanding predictors of future success, we're looking BEYOND the facts and figures to find creative thinkers, change-makers, and innovators.

When completing your online application, please include enough detailed information in your essay to give the judges insight into your dreams, goals, and career aspirations. Tell them how you're going to impact the world.

Applications will be scored by a committee from Brooks-Jeffrey Marketing, Inc. The committee will not discriminate in any way based on race, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, or any other factor not relevant to the basic program objectives.

The winner(s) will be notified the first week of June 2022. The BEYOND Scholarship announcement will be posted online at

The winner(s) will receive an Official Certificate in recognition of their scholarship award and be featured in regional and community news releases, as well as online.


A $500 check will be mailed August 15, 2022 to the chosen institution of the winning recipient(s). Scholarship funds may be applied to the student's tuition, books, fees, supplies or equipment-related expenses based on IRS guidelines.

Only recognized, accredited institutions of higher education may be utilized.

In order to qualify for payment of the scholarship, the applicant must enroll at an institution of higher learning (college, university, trade school, nursing school, etc.) and the funds will be disbursed by that school. The one-time scholarship is non-renewable. Please consult a tax professional regarding the effects of scholarship funds on your/your family's income and tax liability.

For additional information, visit: