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Wake County Housing Finance Corporation Board Vacancies

Wake County Housing Finance Corporation Board Vacancies

The Wake County Housing Finance Corporation is in the process of recruiting new members to serve on their Board of Directors. 

The Wake County Housing Finance Corporation ("WCHFC") was created in 1981 by The Housing Authority of the County of Wake ("HACW") to further the mission of providing affordable housing to the citizens of Wake County.  As an independent not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity, the WCHFC is eligible for funds and programs not available to the Housing Authority that would allow the WCHFC to provide new housing options to add to the present inadequate affordable housing stock in Wake County. In addition, currently the WCHFC owns and oversees six (6) older single-family rental homes. There is interest in selling these properties in order to develop new multi-family housing.

The Volunteer Board of the WCHFC is looking to fill several vacancies. Candidates must have a strong interest in affordable housing and the population groups in need of such housing, such as the elderly, veterans, and persons with physical and mental disabilities. Experience in public and private financing and development is an enormous plus.  Seeking candidates with interest in recruiting skill sets of:

  1. Marketing
  2. Finance
  3. Developers

The Board meets monthly, in the evenings for approximately an hour and a half. It is requested that the candidates be able to provide between five and ten a month additionally to work on specific issues or projects.

Please contact Board member Mr. Steve Smalto, HomeQuest Builders Inc. by calling (919) 819-1418 or email at for more information.


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